There is no Planet B.


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our mission

to make environmentalism mainstream, to educate Gen Z on the climate crisis & environmental justice, and to motivate them to act and advocate for the environment

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The Protecting Planet A blog

Start Here if You’re New

My name is Hannah Etienne, and I’m a junior in high school who created Protecting Planet A. It started as an environmental pageant platform, then an Instagram account, then a Girl Scout Gold Award project, then a website, and now it is all four of those things. I’ve always had a passion for protecting the…

Citizens’ Climate Lobby: first impressions

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization focused on building political will for a livable world. This basically means that they lobby members of Congress from both parties to support climate legislation; specifically the Energy Innovation Act. I got involved in CCL within the past three months. I’ve never joined a grassroots climate…

World Environment Day

It can be difficult to celebrate something as enormous and vague as “our environment.” This spring I watched three baby robins hatch, grow feathers, and learn to become independent and important parts of my backyard’s forest ecosystem–right under my deck! Witnessing little moments of growth in my own backyard helps me appreciate my environment so…

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