About Us

Protecting Planet A is an Illinois-based environmental education project created by 17 year old Hannah Etienne. Learn more here.

Our Mission.

Making environmentalism mainstream. Educating Gen Z on the climate crisis. Motivating youth to act and advocate for the environment.


What We Do

Our Instagram is an educational resource for Gen Z and more, to learn about the science behind the climate crisis and environmental justice. We provide steps for individuals to support the sustainability movement and protect our planet’s climate and ecosystems.

Our Values

science. equity. non-violence. collaboration. inclusivity. intersectionality. calling in. progress over perfection.

Our Vision

A world where living sustainably is a priority in everyone’s life. Where reusing and recycling is more common than throwing something away. Where black, brown, and low-income communities have equal access to clean air and water as everyone else.

About the Creator

Learn more about Hannah Etienne, the creator of Protecting Planet A.

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