Get Involved

Protecting Planet A is based on education – but it’s up to you to decide what happens next.

hi, it’s hannah here. i wanted to give you one page with lots of resources and ways to get involved in the climate movement (& wildlife protection & land conservation & more!). these organizations are absolutely amazing and i encourage you to check out their websites and social medias.

i organized them into 3 categories (in this order): “non-governmental organizations (NGOs)/grassroots” “illinois local” and “government-related” at the end for scientific information. i’ll probably be adding on to this list, so make sure you’re following Protecting Planet A’s instagram so you can see posts about website updates, and organization of the week!

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)/grassroots

World Wildlife Fund

one of my personal favorites, WWF is an international NGO focused on nature conservation and reducing threats to biodiversity. they do a lot of cool things, aren’t super political, and give you both education + ways to get involved! (link takes you to “Take Action” section of their website)

Intersectional Environmentalist

new grassroots organization, lots of educational resources for environmentalism from the perspective of marginalized communities!


international NGO, they have so many ways to get involved on their website, including lots of petitions to sign! (link takes you to the “Act” section of their website)

Sunrise Movement

American youth-led grassroots movement, advocating for political action on climate change (link takes you to the “Take Action” section of their website)

Sierra Club

U.S. environmental organization, gives you action steps & more. (link takes you to “Take Action” section of their website)

Citizens Climate Lobby

an international grassroots group, they do a lot of conferences, also offer climate advocate training; lots of actions steps on their website

National Audubon Society

environmental conservation organization mostly focused on birds. science, education, & grassroots advocacy.

Illinois Local

Barrington Area Conservation Trust

volunteer opportunities! local for all my northwest Chicago suburbs friends πŸ™‚

Clean Power Lake County

former organization of the week! working to shift Lake County to renewable energy, while also advocating for environmental justice and self-determination of immigrant, low-income, and working class families.

Ancient Oaks Foundation

former organization of the week! you can volunteer with them or donate, they focus on preserving oak woodlands in Lake Zurich, IL.

Illinois Environmental Council

advocates for clean air, clean water, and open spaces. the link will take you to the “Action Alerts” part of their website so you can take action right away!

Citizens for Conservation

former organization of the week! nonprofit preserving and restoring the biodiversity and natural environment of northeastern Illinois.

Illinois Audubon Society

focuses on land conservation; has volunteer opportunities and you can support them by donating!

Illinois Conservation Foundation

educational outdoor programs; volunteer opportunities, support by becoming a sponsor or donating


Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

intergovernmental body of the UN, has lots of scientific reports about climate change, gives us a lot of those climate change statistics you hear so often

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

good resource for current environmental science info!

Want your favorite environmental organization added to the list?